10/07 — 02/10


Thu, 09.07.2015 18.00 — 21.00


Aurora Sander / Christian Falsnaes / Britta Thie 


Exhibition views of »VIC«, 10.07.–02.10.2015. Photos: Markus Georg.


Vic has built h/erself up as something of an idol. From the outside we see a perfect sheen of composed confidence, sophistication, strength and beauty: a charismatic force that inspires and draws people into h/er world. S/he feels entitled to adulation and special treatment by h/er followers and has the unique power to both influence h/er devotees yet provoke h/er detractors.

But Vic oscillates between two poles: s/he feels destabilised when s/he is not at the central dynamic from which energy flows. While giving the appearance of depth and complexity, Vic can’t help but feel that someone may discover a crack in h/er thin veneer, that h/er mundanity will be revealed. So Vic constantly morphs h/er enigmatic facade into that which s/he believes is desired, in the hopes that no one will see beyond the bravado. Vic has created such a hologram of h/erself that s/he no longer knows who s/he is or what is real, it is easiest to believe in the projection: the golden idol, the chameleon, the power force.