Exhibition view Prologue – relationships, networks, connections, 2014. Photos: insitu e.V.

insitu is very pleased to launch the beginning of Cycle II with the introductory exhibition »Prologue – relationships, networks and connections«.

The Prologue shares the associative research of what went along with establishing insitu’s upcoming program for the new 10 month Cycle, running June 2014 – March 2015.
 Using a brainstorming process, the exhibition presents different non-art materials such as books, theories, articles, images, objects and quotes, that were triggered by the overall theme of Cycle II.

In this new Cycle, insitu is planning to be a catalyst to form relationships, networks and connections. Having this wide field in mind, insitu aims to set up different formats of exchange, this includes both exhibition topics as well as curatorial methods and formats. Rather than putting out a lone idea in one direction, insitu instead want to form multi-directional dialogue between artists, curators, audiences, countries, ideas and spaces. The concept gives the possibility to engage collaboratively and gain deeper understanding of different approaches to artistic work and curatorial processes.

For Cycle II, insitu will establish a series of frameworks that will include exhibitions that respond directly to each other; invited exchanges between different project spaces or curators; artists’ responses to specific situations. In that sense, insitu will provide ongoing situations where the outcome is spontaneous, surprising and dependent on the input of its participants.