Project Space Festival Berlin 2014

Tobias Dostal and Ariel Schlesinger


Project Space Festival Day 13: Magic Tricks, 2014. Photos: Sarah Kouhou

insitu is pleased to present the one night only event, »Magic Tricks«, marking the very first collaboration between the Berlin based artists Tobias Dostal and Ariel Schlesinger. Especially developed for the Project Space Festival, the artists will focus on their shared conceptual interests. Driven by a fascination for moments of deception and illusion, the collaboration promises surprising interventions.

In his installations and drawings, Tobias Dostal deals with the magic of cinematography. He works to rid the film medium of its classic canvas by restaging it in a space with sculptural elements. He merges the filmed material with the physical form of filmic apparatuses such as rebuilt 16mm projectors and projection screens made of wood or paper constructions as a means to address the roots of filmic history.

The work of Ariel Schlesinger makes playful, occasionally kinetic and often threatening sculptures, which seem to be as much the work of an unhinged inventor as that of a post-conceptual artist. He blurs the line between outsider inventor and studio-bound artist. His practice is based on ›self-taught‹ engineering and an energetic spirit. In his work, there are often two layers: at first sight you see a poetic gesture, but often there is a political twist and a threat of destruction.