@ Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain

41, rue Notre-Dame, 2240 Luxembourg

Ulla von Brandenburg / Anna Hulacová / Julie Favreau / Aurora Sander / Markus Selg / Alvaro Urbano



Thursday 06.06.2019

If your brain were a house, what would it look like?

I dreamed I was a house is an immersive exhibition curated by insitu collective that unlocks the psychological potential of the domestic home. In psychoanalysis, dreaming of a house is considered to be a reflection of one’s self, whereby the individual spaces relate to different facets of our personality. In a similar direction, this exhibition will overlay two types of ‘interior spaces’ – the mind and the home – so that the architecture of the home evokes the hidden depths of the human psyche: from the vortex of the hallway, to the social façade of the dining room, to the intimacy of the bedroom, and down to the shadowy subconscious, hidden in the basement.

Working within the historical building of Casino Luxembourg, selected contemporary artists will present individual domestic environments or ‘rooms’. These rooms will form a metaphorical collage of a house that brings to life the emotional resonance of our most private spaces. The unique spatial and multi-sensorial experience that is at once familiar and surreal will in turn, trigger personal associations, memories and emotions that are held deep within ourselves.