With »Framework 2: feel at home«, insitu offers two artists the possibility to each make themselves feel at home for 10 days in the exhibition space. The decision on what to do with the space is up to them: insitu could be used as a studio, a meeting point, or as a laboratory.



Valentin Hertweck with Irene Pätzug and Frank Hauschildt


Exhibition view Framework 2: feel at home, 2014. Photos: Tabea Simon

By choosing Valentin Hertweck and Marinella Senatore, insitu purposely invites two artists who regularly involve others’ practice in their own work. Even though their two approaches are different, both are focusing on the relationship between artwork and audience, as well as on the concept of collaborative work.

The format of »having guests« generates in itself a form of communication that necessarily creates a feedback loop. By literally giving the keys to their guests, the insitu team aims to engage external impulse and to deal with unexpected results.

Valentin Hertweck’s objects and interventions, for example, imply very often the reaction or movement of the audience: eating with spoons which are connected to your neighbor’s spoon or having the art piece deconstructed when a person enters the exhibition space. Hertweck invents mechanisms that force people into a direct relationship with the art piece, the space and the other visitors. For insitu, Hertweck presents the new work »Mobile« (2014) as well as two pieces he created in collaboration with Irene Pätzug and Frank Hauschildt.

Like a relational system in itself the neon-mobile »Mobile« reacts to every subtle change in the exhibition space. One slight touch or a shift of air as visitors pass by, starts a floating chain reaction. Hertweck’s piece is constructed just on the edge of being small enough to not completely block the path of visitors, but slightly too large so that it forces visitors to shift their behaviour in the space.

Movement is used in a similar way for »Klappstuhl« (2014), developed in collaboration with artist Irene Pätzug. Here, a mechanical curtain system pulleys a wooden chair through the exhibition space. The chair changes position constantly, directed by the strings attached to the machine. The system not only directs objects through the space, but also visitors who must navigate around the object. With »(ohne Titel Prototyp)« (2012) Frank Hauschildt and Valentin Hertweck visualize a infinite dependency. In an imaginary sysphianean action two toothpastes are forced to refill each other in an endless loop.


Marinella Senatore, ESTMAN RADIO – 10 days free radio station


Exhibition view Framework 2: feel at home, 2014. Photos: Tabea Simon

Marinella Senatore consciously avoids taking a decisive role in her projects. She merely attempts to find forms of representation for the processes that take place. In this sense, she avoids traditional notions of authorship and work, as well as established hierarchies between viewer, artwork and artist. According to the motto »the journey is the destination«, the process is very much the work in her approach to art. It is logical, therefore, that Senatore’s work can only be understood completely by participating in one of her projects, by changing one’s role from recipient to (co-)producer.

For insitu, Senatore brings the free podcast radio project ESTMAN RADIO to Berlin for its first time, after its launch at Kunsthalle St. Gallen. For ten days, everyone is invited to contribute with lectures, speeches, dramas, thoughts, recipes, songs or more to the radio station.

More information on how to contribute www.insitu-berlin.com/estman-radio.
Program Curators: Marinella Senatore, Isabella Zamboni, Cecilia Caliari

Listen to Estman Radio www.estmanradio.com.


Saturday, 19.07.2014
16.00–17.00 ‚»Today will never happen again« by Timea Anita Oravecz

Sunday, 20.07.2014
16.00–16.15 »The End. A Lullaby For The Last Wreck« by Deadbongo
16.30–18.00 »RADIO HERE AND NOW BERLIN« by w/ Br. Runo Johnson

Monday, 21.07.2014
12.00–14.00 »RADIO HERE AND NOW BERLIN« by w/ Br. Runo Johnson
16.00–18.00 »Touch« by Zoe Kreye

Tuesday 22.07.2014
14.45–18.00 DJ-set by Mattia Stievano and Alfred Moliere

Thursday, 24.07.2014
11.30–12.00 »Angra Spenta: The Condition of Being Double« sound composition by Shohreh Jandaghian
16.00–17.00 »Holy Bunny« by Knut Remond
17.00–08.00 »Animal Dialogue« by Serena Marconi

Friday, 25.07.2014
15.00–16.00 »PM« by Florian Egerman & Lilla Magyari. Two voices debate the current time (to be played at the wrong time)
17.30–18.00 »The ghost of an image« by Ciaran Walsh

Saturday, 26.07.2014
17.00–18.00 »A livella – The level« by Clara Miranda Scherffig

Sunday, 27.07.2014
15.00–15.30 »Estman Radio and the participatory practice«, talk with the artist Marinella Senatore and Nora Mayr, Isabella Zamboni.
15.30–16.00 Interview with Marinella Senatore by Andrea Ongaro
17.00–18.00 »C.S.C.S.C« by Marta Lo Brano

Podcast contributions to Estman Radio at insitu: Ian Crocombe, Jos Diegel, Ddm + Roberto Pugliese, Martha Friel, Hendrick’s Accesorize Bazaar, Francisco Jarautau, Cuarta edición – Conferencias Observatorio Cultural, Entrevista a Giuliana Ciancio. Entrevista a Riccardo Marzullo, Diseño en Paris, Entrevista Ezio Manzini, Entrevista a Santiago Cirugeda, Anatxu Zabalbeascoa en el IED Madrid, Rogelio Lòpez Cuenca en el IED Madrid, Daniel Garcìa Anduiar en IED Master, Arjen Oosterman en el IED Madrid, Entrevista a Jorge Wagensberg En El, Entrevista a Francisco Jaruta, Conferencia del diseñador César Ávila, David Matos, João Ricardo