Bram Braam / Pia Greschner / Mahony / Luca Vanello / Ulrich Vogl / Wolf von Kries / Sinta Werner / Markus Zimmermann



Friday 09.05.2014

As part of the Artist Run festival and conference, 17 art spaces in Copenhagen have each invited a counterpart outside Denmark to create an exhibition in their space. Additionally, the spaces will contribute to discussions in a two-day conference about the motivations, conditions and potentials of self- organisation and artist-run spaces.

Another Space has in this context invited insitu. Without experiencing the space first-hand, the name, floor plan, images and the imagination of the space became the starting point for working on the exhibition, that soon developed into a collection of ideas about ›another space‹ in terms of location and concept.

»Episode 7: another space« reveals works from eight Berlin based artists, which portray occupation of hostile areas, travel, adventure and the invention of illusive or alien spaces. Romantic perceptions of adventure, reflection and idle immersion are abandoned for the rational attempt to control the unknown, to appropriate places to ones own rules and to follow inclinations towards collective adaptations.