Ignacio Uriarte / Ulrich Vogl / Sinta Werner


Exhibition view Episode 0: introducing insitu, 2013. Photos: Markus Georg.

insitu – a new platform for contemporary art, founded in November 2012, opened the doors of its non-profit art space on Thursday, April 25th at Kurfürstenstraße 21-22 with the exhibition »Episode 0: introducing insitu«. In the framework of Gallery Weekend Berlin, three artists were given a »carte blanche« to interfere with the unique physical space, paying homage to its structure, its typically unseen elements and its past history. For the founders Marie Graftieaux, Nora Mayr and Gilles Neiens the name insitu refers to their understanding of curatorial practice as necessarily »in situ« in terms of cultural, social and geographical spaces.

For »Episode 0: introducing insitu« Berlin based artist Ulrich Vogl creates a subtle but highly poetic play with shadow and light, which is one of the characteristics of his works. While only operating with a studio light, a mirror and tape, he achieves an illusionary result that reacts directly to the only window of the insitu space by mirroring it in a baroque way. Vogl works with everyday material, his projects emerge from a strong conceptual basis and are realized in an intuitive but precise way. A second piece, a slide projector installation, is hidden in the rough-looking storage space of insitu. By nearly assimilating with their surroundings, both installations trick the visitor’s mind and challenge one’s sense of reality.

Sinta Werner’s work »Maßnahme des Vermessens« / »Measure of Measuring« plays with the space by underlining its imperfection. For her wall installation, the artist has chosen a corner which is, at first glance, not the most appropriate for hanging as it is occupied with pipes and a radiator. By photographing the given surface, then wallpapering it with A4 prints of the photos, she creates an optical illusion between the flatness of the paper sheets and the segmented cut-out of the architecture. The dematerialization of the structure is also enhanced by the superimposition of light and shadow that comes from both the perception of reality and its fictional double. The installation is accompanied by three small-scale collages, in which Werner has distorted different perspectives of antique architecture.

The second room of insitu is devoted to Ignacio Ignacio Uriarte’s new sound installation »1_2_3_4_3_2_1«, which presents the sound of eight different typewriters that alternate sequentially. The work raises the tempo of its rhythm until reaching a »typing-brouhaha-climax« before fading out again. The rhythmic tact follows the typical repetition pattern of a chiasm and is mirrored in the middle. At the same time the sound moves from the left to the right, imitating the movement of a typewriter. The work refers to a typewriter’s monotonous sound and, by today’s understandings, the slow and exhausting labour attached to it. The sound piece is completed by 3 framed A4-sheets of paper from the series »Sonderzeichen«. The triptych shows all the special characters of a typing machine, displayed as waves of monotony. The works form a metaphor for an unconscious desire to escape from the banality of the daily office routine.

Ignacio Uriarte was born 1972 in Krefeld, Germany. Ulrich Vogl was born 1973 in Kaufbeuren, Germany. Sinta Werner was born 1977 in Hattingen, Germany. The artists live and work in Berlin.