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Riddergade 8, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

Jenny Brockmann / Irina Birger / A/A – Andreas Greiner & Armin Keplinger / Kitty Kraus / Alicja Kwade / Helene Hellmich / huber.huber / Julian Rosefeldt / Elsa Salonen / Nika Fontaine / Scene Everything / Troika / Virginie Yassef



Friday 23.06.2017

The philosopher’s stone is one of the most sought-after treasures in the world of alchemy. Over hundreds of years, alchemists from the Arabic countries through to East Asia and Europe have tried to create the magical mixture said to prolong life and transform impure material into pure. Around 1660, the Danish alchemist Valdemar Daa – while depleting his family fortune in its pursuit – was convinced that he found the philosopher’s stone. Shortly after, so the story goes, the glass containing the precious liquid ruptured and smashed. He was never able to prove his discovery. Starting from this specific moment set in the late 1600s, Corridor 3 invites visitors to enter into a mindset where different kinds of mystical knowledge and beliefs pervaded over today’s version of science. They will be taken on a journey through the mysteries of alchemy, the human faith in the potential for natural materials to hold treasures of incredible power, and one person’s obsessive search for the seemingly impossible.
Viborg Kunsthal
Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture
prohelvetia – swiss art council
Danish Art Foundation